The following are excerpts from my book "I call him HIM"

For as far as you could see, the ground around it was blanketed with ash and charcoal. Sometimes the wind would swoop in with all its hatred and churn mini dust devils of death. To look upon it gave you a feeling of raw sorrow. What once gave life to so many souls was now nothing more than a graveyard without markers. The only tombstone was the tower, standing alone, reaching its claws up into the dark clouds a thousand feet away.

Chapter 23 - "I call him HIM"

Instantly the warrior was up again and sprinting into the horde, sliding from side to side like a skater on the bloody field, both swords moving in a figure-eight motion, cutting out a corridor of both flesh and fear as demons tried to flee but could find no recourse but death.

Chapter 12 "I call him HIM"

Then he was in among them, both swords drawn, painting a picture of only one color, red. Bill and I could only stand there staring in amazement as his swords slashed in and out, blood splattering everywhere. 

Chapter 7 - "I call him HIM"  

I looked into her eyes and felt our souls entwine. It was more than just passion. I loved her so deeply, that one second away from her drilled a spike into my heart. How could I be so lucky?

She looked at me and laughed with that cute little chuckle that sounded so special. I breathed her in and smelled that unique scent that belonged only to her. I promised myself at that moment that I would never forget that laugh or the way she smelled.  

Chapter  18 - "I call him HIM"

I look at my wife, and I see my own reflection in her eyes. I see fear on my face. I see pain. My wife turns to liquid and melts away from my hands. Quickly, I look at my daughter and start to run toward her. Every step is like quicksand, and no matter how hard I try I can't get any closer. She opens the shelter door and starts to scream. I feel the pain absorb me. It cuts into my bones and tears my soul away. A path opens to my right drenched in darkness. It calls to me, and I know that if I take it my pain will be gone forever. I also know that if I take it, my memories of my family will be lost forever. I try to fight it, but I can't endure the pain. I am too weak. I have failed them. I choose the dark path..... 

Chapter 18 "I call him HIM"

Why have I felt this way ever since I first saw her? I feel like I've come out of a long sleep, and for the first time I can see light at the end of the tunnel. For so long all I can remember is death. It almost seems as if death was alive and that he is me. It is all I have seen, and it is all I have known. From the time I woke, until the time I went to bed, all I would think about is killing. I would thirst for death like someone dying of dehydration. I would hunger for it like someone who is starving.

Chapter 13 "I call him HIM"

Every single one we've encountered is hairless from head to toe, even the eyebrows are missing.  Their eyes are dull and lifeless, almost zombie-like.  If I didn't know any better, I would think they were blind. Their dark skin is shriveled, covered with open sores, oozing pus in a never-ending stream of decay, covering gaunt, emaciated bodies.

From Chapter 1 of "I call him HIM"


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Those toward the back, who hadn't yet entered the fray, couldn't help but stand in amazement as they watched the eloquent skill of the warrior monk. They could only wonder how an old man could possibly move the way that he did. He sidestepped every attack as it attempted to knock on the doors of his defense, but the only answer it received was death from the point of his sword. He was a whirlwind of chaos, removing hands and arms at every opportunity, the limbs falling to the earth, creating a picket fence of the dead.

Chapter 30 "I call him HIM"

Most villages we come across are completely destroyed, but there have been a few where every structure is left intact. This village was a combination of both. On the east side, there were several structures still standing; some of these were even more than one level in height. Almost all of the windows were broken. The shards of glass that remained looked like hungry fangs ready to attack. Doors were missing or hanging by a few threads on their hinges. Most of the roofs were gone, and the ones that remained sagged or twisted inward, like some kind of deformity hoping to be put out of its misery. In all its awkwardness, at least the east side had remained with a small essence of its former self. The west side was nothing more than a crumbling mess of chaos. Nothing remained standing. It was littered with broken concrete and debris, melancholy, and deserted of life.  

Chapter 1 "I call him HIM"

He swung his swords so quickly that the Leader couldn't even see the movement, but he could hear the sound, and it brought a smile to his face. When steel breaks it makes a distinctive ringing pop, and this is what the Leader heard. One second the dark warrior held two powerful swords. A moment later he backed away, only holding two hilts in his hands.

Relieved, the Leader shouted to the warrior, "You have fought bravely. The Master honors you by giving you the privilege of meeting him. Surrender and your life will be spared."

Defiantly, the dark warrior glared at him and gave his response by dropping into a cross-legged position, with his arms spread out behind him like wings. The Leader could see that his hands formed a clutching position and recognized the stance from old kung fu movies. This was Eagle Claw.

Chapter 12 "I call him HIM"

It was like a mouth of impenetrable blackness, as the young girl entered the damp, cold snake that wound its way under the worms and other bugs that crawled above. The echoes of footsteps were the only thing to relieve the loneliness inside the giant serpent as their sound rebounded off the walls. Shadows dissolved as quickly as they appeared, giving her nothing but darkness to look forward to.

From "I call him HIM" Chapter 22 - The Sewers 

Raising his voice, the Leader said, "My Master would like to meet you. He has sent us to escort you to him. Remove your weapons and come peacefully, or face the consequences."

"The only consequence will be your death, but I will save you for last, so the fear can mount as your army diminishes before you," the dark figure responded in a calm, calculating voice.

As soon as the last syllable left the dark figure's tongue, he attacked. The Leader watched in awe as this man moved faster than anything he had ever seen. Pulling his bow out, he notched an arrow, and fired, all in one motion. It seemed as soon as one arrow hit its mark, another was already being released. Before the Leader could even give the command to attack, five of his soldiers lay dead.

Chapter 12 "I call him HIM"

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