I call him - HIM


In the near future, our worst nightmare has occurred. A nuclear war has devastated the planet, destroying most of humanity. An unnamed warrior and his family survive the apocalypse by hiding deep underground. After many years they return to the surface to restart their lives. However, they discover that an evil presence now controls what is left of mankind, and this presence brutally murders the warrior's wife and daughter.

With the death of his family, the unnamed warrior loses his mind and plunges himself on a destructive path of darkness.  His insatiable thirst for revenge may cause him to lose his soul unless a young girl of unyielding faith can bring him back to the light.

I call him - HIM is a dark drama of a man who has lost his way. It is packed with action as the hero physically fights the forces of evil, but at the same time, he emotionally struggles to cope with his loss. It has somewhat of a religious overtone to it, but with a much darker side.  At times it is shocking as there are graphic and gory scenes of violence. It does have some profanity and is not a book for young children. The book will appeal to readers of dark fantasy such as Stephen King (The Gunslinger) and post-apocalyptic fiction like Cormac McCarthy (The Road).